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14 years in the world of Dynamics pre-dating Microsoft. An MVP of 9 years. AdamRoue, Weaveriski or Steve Weaver; that is me.

Due to this my Company thinks I blog, they tell other staff to “blog”. So my colleagues think I blog, people meeting my online persona will think I blog. My friends know I do something in computers and assume I blog which is the same as my wife and family who if they knew what a blog was would think I blog.

I have never blogged, I don’t blog, well until now obviously.

So why now? More importantly why not before? Well I am on Twitter but don’t really “get it” and I read blogs but either believe I have not to say or add. Importantly most of what I would want to write relate to either the company I work for or the clients I am implementing with, and writing those stories even without naming names could lead to trouble.

However the time is right to write. The topics will be about Microsoft Dynamics AX because it is the field I work in. I will not name names and will try to be as generic as possible where blogs reference actual events. The overriding reason though is the up-coming Technical Conference for Microsoft Dynamics AX. It is in Seattle and it is my first visit to anything like this in the last 10 years, so if I have nothing to write about in the next week then I never would (assuming NDA allows of course :-))

So stay posted, however you have found this, and in the coming days and weeks I will update you on anything that I feel anyone might be interested in relating to AX, which as I read back is reason enough never to have blogged!